Enterprise Lead Relationship Management

Enterprise LRM lets you capture more data to optimise and personalise the journey from lead to customer.

Capture Data


Build landing pages that give your prospect the opportunity to opt-in and start the sales journey.

Selling broadband to your mobile base? Capture explicit data, like their current provider, contract-end-date and implicit data, like their location and social data.


Optimised Content

Use lead data to build personalised and optimised, rich media campaigns.

Present the right call to action for their sales-cycle stage or the best value comparison to their existing provider.


Integrated With Your CRM

Lead nurturing can sit along side your existing CRM platform and activities.

SparkPage feeds lead data back into your CRM database. We can deliver the right emails or automatically instruct your email platform to do so.

Treat Cross-Sell Opportunities Like New leads

A single cross-sell message won't close the sale. Instead, build a programme of messages to capture data, gain insight and nurture a cross-sell lead over time. 

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